Welcome to the 2006 season!

The league web page is at http://football.myfantasyleague.com/2006/home/22601

The online draft can be accessed by logging on to that web page as your team, then select "enter online draft now".

Other links for our league include the History or the current set of Rules

North Conference

Rypien Division


Sneva Division

Thom's Logo
Thom's Phantoms
Tony's Logo
Tony's Warlocks
Brian's Logo
Brian's Buckheads
* Dean's Logo
Dean's Orcas
Shawn's Logo
Shawn's Lone Gunmen
Bill's Logo
Bill's Hornets

Central Conference

Stockton Division


Sandberg Division

Marc's Logo
Marc's Secret Agent Men
Brent & Doug's Logo
Brent & Doug's Ospreys
Dennis' Logo
Dennis' Wolverines
* Scott's Logo
Scott's Plungers
Rich's Logo
Rich's Ironmen
Lynn & Kila's Logo
Lynn & Kila's Drifters